Epic Holiday Party Slots

The holiday in this slot machine is an adult one. With women dressed up in those little outfits and Santa is dressed in his smoking robe, you can expect that this game will have some pretty great symbols and pictures to go along with it. The theme is a holiday one, so you can expect many Christmas-themed symbols and the background to be the same.

The design is simple, as it provides the best layout, which is easy to follow and use. This efficient way to land on the correct symbols is the best way to go. The Holiday Party Slots have everyone coming in for the party. Make sure you're a part of it all night long.

Developer of the Epic Holiday Party Slots

You can play for both free and fun when you sign up with the casino. However, you have to have an account to play. This is a must. You don't have to use cash to play if you'd like to play for points and fun. Both are options when you have a player account.

Real Time Gaming is who is the software developer for this specific slot machine. They have quality-made slots that open and welcome one and all to use them. Not just that, but you can benefit from the use of these slots when you find that RTG is one of the topmost sought-after game developers for online casinos.

Digging Deep into This Slot

The Epic Holiday Party Slots is a 5-reel, bonus, video slot machine game. With high popularity and a max bet of up to $20, you can expect to get the best payout. Two hundred forty-three pay lines make this slot machine one of the best to play. You have many chances to win, opening up the doorway for more beginnings. You can put down one cent, two, five, ten, $20, or $50. You can only play one line, though, so keep that in mind during your turn.

The Symbols at the Party

The symbols are relatively close to what the game is all about. You can expect to find that the Santa with the ladies is all symbols around this board. The classic card symbols such as the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King will be part of this game. Lit up in neon colors, make sure to keep an eye out for the themed symbols. They payout the most. There is also a Free Spins Christmas tree symbol that comes around the board.

What Bonuses Await You

Everyone loves playing on free spins. You have to land on the free spins bonus card. Once you do, you are then granted all of the free spins to see if you win anything on them. You cannot cash them out, and the system might spin the reels for you when you grab them. Just let your total winnings add up until you remove the ticket.

The jackpot feature in this game is unique. It lets you choose a number to see if you are a winner for that day. This exciting way to spend your day and break it down.

Playing While on the Go

There is a mobile version of this game that you can download to your phone. Look up your casino and then download their app. Play any of the many slot games that they have while on the go. It is that simple to have a way to play, have a great time, and enjoy being on the go with your casino.

Sign Up to Play Now!

Now is the time to look into playing at this casino. Find out all that there is to offer you when you sign up and become a part of what they have to offer. You can feel good about taking the next step but also about getting more from the casino itself. Playing this game alongside some of the other favorites you might have is the best way to go about getting more for your time and money.